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Commercial Insurance Financial Policy

Commercial Insurance Financial Policy

1. We need for you to understand that your insurance coverage is just that, YOUR coverage. It does not release you from any financial obligations for the services we rendered to you.

2. If you are a new patient, or your insurance coverage changes, you must furnish us with a copy of your insurance card prior to treatment. This card should be given to us within a reasonable time so that we can verify coverage and obtain your benefits.

3. Some insurance policies require a referral from your primary care physician. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that we have your referral prior to your first visit. Failure to obtain your referral will result in possible cancellations of your appointment.

4. If we are unable to verify your coverage and/or obtain a proper referral, you will be held personally responsible for any balance. Upon receipt of referral and/or verification of coverage, we will then file your insurance.

5. We require our patients to pay 100% of their initial charges and all charges incurred up to the amount necessary to cover their insurance policy's deductible.

6. We require that you pay your co-insurance balance or co-pay at the time of service. A patient's co-pay or co-insurance balance may not exceed $250.00 or your professional care may be terminated.

7. If for any reason your insurance company has not covered your treatment within 120 days, you will be classified as a self-pay patient for outstanding dates of service.

8. Once all insurance payments have been received and it is deemed that you have made an overpayment, we will refund any over payment to you promptly.




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